Library History


  • Vote to establish library passes 416 – 360
  • budget fails 349 – 363
  • first trustees elected (Bauer – 401, Supino – 312, Reilly – 297; Hall – 283, and LaTassa – 273)
  • First budget of $143,000 passes 289 – 274
  • Library opens its doors to public for the first time in two portable classrooms on William Floyd School District property (building now occupied by CY&FS)
11-76 Newsletter #1 published
6-1-77 Moved from portables to storefront in William Floyd Plaza
9-16-79 Gaylord circulation system turned on
12-12-79 $1,700,000 bond issue approved by voters to fund construction of new library
3-80 Trustees convey title of portables to WFSD
11-3-80 Groundbreaking for new library
3-21-82 Dedication and Grand Opening of 20,000 sq ft building
6-1-82 Library Journal article featuring computers for public use in the Community Library
9-82 VHS format videocassettes available for borrowing
10-82 Parent Toddler Workshop began, significantly expanding the role of CPSD to include service to parents, caregivers and very young children.
10-83 LVA Satellite Office established
10-2-83 First Sunday open
9-84 Introduction of automated catalog
9-85 Introduction of second Gaylord automated catalog
2-4-87 A meeting of community leaders at the K of C Hall in Mastic asks Library to maintain a “community calendar”
6-87 First end of school year carnival
11-23-87 Bentels retained to do feasibility study regarding library expansion
12-87 Library adds books-on-cassette to its collection
10-24-88 Trustees vote to accept Bentel & Bentel’s design for expansion
Fall 1988 Introduction of third automated catalog – Library Corporation’s Intelligent Catalog
1-89 Music on a Sunday Afternoon concert series inaugurated
9-89 Member item grant from Assemblyman Behan used to create Family Education Resource Center
1-90 Color introduced to Newsletter
4-1-90 Walter T. Shirley Collection exhibit opens
10-90 Library purchases grand piano
3-91 Digital telephone system installed
7-91 LVA program receives first of three $35,000 federal literacy grants
Summer 1991
  • Friends of the Arts is incorporated
  • Former storefront Library is reclaimed as “annex”
11-91 Technical Services Department created (Do we mean IT?)
3-92 Finnegan’s Wake study group has first meeting
10-19-92 Voters approve $3,948,250 bond issue to fund construction of a 24,000 sq ft addition by a vote of 738 – 248
4-29-93 Library receives gift of land from William Floyd plaza Associates, enabling expansion to proceed
1-22-94 Groundbreaking for 24,000 sq ft expansion
9-95 Free access to the Internet offered
12-3-95 Grand Opening/Dedication of 24,000 sq ft addition
5-96 Library website ( created
6- 26-98 first day of service for new Teen Services Department
6-06 35 Million Bond Vote for library repair and expansion fails
12-06 Director William Cicola Retires
01-07 Library Board appoints Kerri Rosalia, Director
4-07 Budget proposition for Roof repair and partial replacement vote passes
4-08 Library Operating Budget vote fails 302 yes 382 no
6-08 Library Operating Budget re-vote passes 632 yes 429 no
12-08 Library pays off 3.9 million bond from 1992 24,000 sq. ft. addition
  • Board begins working with architect Jim Keller of Vitetta Associates on a plan to reconfigure interior space. Inventory of physical assets completed at this time. (furniture, shelving, equipment)
  • Library staff meetings with Jim Keller re-think interior layout of collections
  • Library Board reviews conceptual plan to add a 10,000 sq. ft. children’s library above the existing facility. Plan requires acquisition and modification of library parking lot.
06-10 Victor Conseco and Bob Viola of Sandpebble Builders, Inc. meet with Library Board to propose a facility condition analysis.
  • Library Board authorizes contract with Sand pebble Builders, Inc. for Phase 2b. Detailed budget estimate for repair work will be developed.
  • Library Board authorizes Sand pebble Builders, Inc. to draft Fps for
    Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Structural Engineers, IT consultant, and environmental consultants.
  • Library Board requests debt service schedule from Mainstay to ascertain
    cost of repair bond to residents.
  • Discussion of an October 2011 public vote on repair project.
  • HAVOC system for Children’s level fails. Board authorizes emergency repair. Children’s room closed to public for balance of the week. Second oil tank installed outside the library as a temporary measure.
  • Library Board signs contract with Sandpebble Builders for Phase 2B in the amount of $44,750.00.
  • RFPs responses for Architect and Mechanical Engineer reviewed.
  • Library Board votes to accept Wiedersum Associates response to RFP for Architectural services in the amount of $77,500 as the low bidder.
  • Library Board votes to accept Strunk & Alberts response to the RFP for Mechanical Engineering services in the amount of $84,000 as the low bidder.
  • Sandpebble Builders attend Library Board meeting to discuss site visit to Serota Property.
  • Library Board passes Type II SEQRA resolution for Library Repair Project.
  • Library Board reviews area rental property costs, including Serota property rent and rent with option to purchase proposal.
  • Library Board authorizes appraisal of Serota property.
  • WFSD school budget passes 12% increase by five votes. Library Board
    re-visits the cost of a Bond for Library repairs for the community. A discussion follows of making repairs without an increase in tax through a bond for the community.
  • Library Attorney attends Board meeting. Advises library that repairs can be financed out of Operating Budget. No bond required.
  • Weekly meetings with Wiedersum and Strunk & Albert begin.
07-11 Library Board announces to staff and community that repairs will be made without and increase in Library tax. Library will temporarily relocate to rented facilities in the community.
08-11 Library Board decides to put repair project on hold pending further community input.
2011 Boiler replacement project completed
10-11 Library Board Ad-hoc advisory committee meets.
2011-Present Library Board has worked on developing renovation plans with the assistance of Sandpebble and Architect Rick Wiedersum. They determined they wished to remain open to the public during renovation and wanted to use the money in the capital reserve fund to pay for it. Renovation plans are filed with NYS Education Department in the Spring of 2013. Budget estimates received in August of 2014 for the anticipated interior renovation were significantly more than expected and the timeline for the project was too lengthy.
  • Library discovers non-friable asbestos above the ceiling on the main floor of the library. Abatement will be required that will entail emptying the main floor and demolishing everything above the grid (lights, wiring, etc.) and a temporary closure of the library to abate. A partial closure would ensue in order to build out the main floor again for public use.
  • Board discusses the option of selling the current building to yield revenue to offset the cost of another library building. Board decides to re-evaluate the option of building a new library on donated land by involving the community in the process.
09-14 Director contacts 7 Group – John Boecker to assist in the public workshops required to open the process and decision making to residents and stakeholders concerned with the future of the library.